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Our Impressive craftsmanship makes dents, scratches, and bent frames disappear.

Seamless Auto Body Repair

With as much as people drive cars, it's no small wonder than fender benders, collisions, and other mishaps are common in Cameron. When the unfortunate happens, it's good to have a partner like Mc Kinney Body Repair Co that can respond with auto body repair that quickly makes accident-related imperfections a thing of the past.

At the Mc Kinney Body Repair Co auto body repair shop in Cameron, we've built a unique blend of not only the best auto body specialists in town but also the best equipment. In this manner, we're able to offer a wide variety of repair services suited to all types of dents and other issues. With our unparallelled abilities, your car will get the facelift it needs to look great again.

Because Mc Kinney Body Repair Co has years of experience in assisting people with auto body repair needs, we've developed an intimate knowledge of the insurance process and are happy to assist with paperwork filing and other parts of your claim. Whether an insurance company is covering the repair or you're paying out of pocket, we'll make sure you get the best possible, cost-effective solution.


Mc Kinney Body Repair Co is based in Cameron and has been providing towing, body repair, and painting services to the local community for years.


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