Paint and Refinishing

Proper preparation and execution makes your car's paint job look great.

Vibrant and Attractive Auto Paint

Nearly everyone knows that the quality of auto paint you choose matters a lot in your car's final look, but few realize just how much painting preparation can change the appearance. At Mc Kinney Body Repair Co in Cameron, we're masters of preparation and only use the highest quality paints to ensure a finish that will look amazing for years to come.

While some auto paint shops in Cameron may choose minimal preparation to be faster, Mc Kinney Body Repair Co always takes the time to makes sure the existing surface is perfect before applying the first drop of paint. We'll do any necessary body repair, sand, repair chips and scratches, and add protective surface sealant as part of our preparation process.

Once the surface is ready, your car is ready to be painted. With your chosen color and style of paint, we'll enter the paint bay and protect all sensitive areas before applying the paint in a smooth and even coat. Depending on your personal preferences, we'll add additional coats to reach your exactly desired look.

A cheap paint job is not all it's cracked up to be.


Mc Kinney Body Repair Co is based in Cameron and has been providing towing, body repair, and painting services to the local community for years.


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